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19: Stephanie Jameson on Thriving as an Empath

Stephanie Jameson is an intuitive psychic empath, a reiki master, and author of The Happy Empath’s Workbook. Are you an empath? Well, Stephanie is the perfect person to help you find out. In this episode, we explore what it is to be an empath, the challenges different types of empaths face, and inspiration and resources for harnessing your intuitive and empathic abilities. For more information on Stephanie and her work, visit

18: Miamah Karmo on Fear, Strength and Softness

Maimah Karmo is an author, philanthropist, and Founder and CEO of the Tigerlily Foundation. Over the last 10 years, Maimah has transformed herself from being a 32 year old mother with a young child and a diagnosis of breast cancer to an inspiration, guiding others in being fearless in transcending any life circumstance into an opportunity for personal evolution and bliss. For more information on Maimah and her work, visit

17: Nicole Doherty on Shamanic Healing

Nicole Doherty is the founder of the Shamanic Healing Arts Academy, as well as an Empowerment Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Shamanic Reiki Master Healer. In this episode, Nicole shares her perspectives on shamanism and how to step into your power and be your own inner healer. She also guides us through a grounding meditation you can use to center and balance yourself moving forward. For more information on Nicole and her work, visit

16: Catherine Rains on a Spiritual Approach to Big Transitions

Transitioning from Corporate job to full-time mixed media artist, Catherine Rains is an inspiring example of the process of making profound shifts in your life through embracing what currently is. Cat shares the story of finding her way to her deepest desire through the practices of asking for clear signs from the Universe, taking action on those signs, and falling in love with her life exactly as it is in every moment, no matter how difficult things might appear to be. For more information on Cat and her art, visit

15: Hanson Tse on Letting Life Be an Unfolding Exploration

Hanson Tse is a master healer and the developer of WAMBI Exploration™, an experiential approach to listening to your own wisdom through awareness and the integration of mind and body. He harnesses wisdom from many modalities including the fields of energy healing, martial arts, and acting. On this episode, Hanson shares his perspectives on tuning to your own wise body/mind and the process of allowing life to be an unfolding exploration. For more information on Hanson’s workshops and healing, visit

14: Hetal Sheth on Ayurveda for Animals

Hetal Sheth is a Silicon Valley techie turned animal advocate. Since founding her company, Curry & Pepper, Hetal has been on a mission to create more happy and healthy dogs by increasing access to Ayurvedic resources. She reminds us that our pets have a spiritual path and deserve attention at the levels of mind, body, and spirit. On the podcast, she shares insights into the ancient science of Ayurveda and the history and practice of using Ayurvedic techniques to heal animals. For more information on Hetal and Curry & Pepper, visit

13: Greg Bogart on Astrology and Spiritual Awakening

Greg Bogart, Ph.D., MFT is a writer, musician, and therapeutic astrologer. On the podcast, Greg shows us how planetary movements affect us on every level from our personal lives and relationships to the current political and social climate. For those seeking to harness their own natal chart for personal and spiritual growth, Greg offers inspiration and guidance rooted in decades of spiritual study and practice. For more information on Greg’s books and his work, visit

12: Erin Lanahan on The Balance of Masculine and Feminine

Erin Lanahan is a transformational life coach, an internationally certified yoga teacher, and guide for anyone seeking to thrive through the balance of their masculine and feminine energy. On the podcast, Erin guides us through the deep waters of our feminine and masculine selves and how to navigate the aspects of shadow and light that we face individually and collectively. May you find inspiration and balance in this candid conversation with Erin Lanahan. For more information on Erin and her workshops and coaching, visit

11: Jaimal Yogis on All Our Waves Are Water

Jaimal Yogis is an award-winning writer, an avid surfer and outdoorsman, and a teacher of meditation, mindfulness, and creative writing. He is the author of the books Saltwater Buddha, The Fear Project and his recent release, All Our Waves Are Water: Stumbling Toward Enlightenment and the Perfect Ride. With compassion and deep self-awareness, Jaimal’s writing eloquently captures the highs and lows of the spiritual path and I’ve personally been very moved by his books and teaching. In this episode, we explore moving through emotions, harnessing fear, and the integration of spiritual practices into modern daily life. For information on Jaimal’s books, visit

10: Will Pye on Radical Gratitude, Science, and Spiritual Awakening

Will Pye is a true modern mystic. Through his Radical Gratitude teachings, his book, “Blessed With A Brain Tumor”, and his courses, Will inspires spiritual seekers to leverage life’s difficulties for conscious self-mastery. On the podcast, we explore a wide range of subjects from Epigenetics and the effects of spiritual practice on the brain and body, to social justice and how to engage without being in a state of resistance. Will’s depth of wisdom offers a wealth of resources and inspiration. For more information on Will and his online and in-person courses, visit

9: Brian Piergrossi on Spiritual Awakening and How To Love What Is

Brian Piergrossi is an author and spiritual teacher who, through his coaching and retreats, creates experiences that harness the power of resonant fields and cultivate spiritual awakening. Brian’s difficult journey with pain and chronic fatigue syndrome drew him to deeply explore the challenges of the human condition and led him to profound realizations about pain, suffering, and transcendence. For more information on Brian’s books, coaching and retreats visit

8: Karen Curry Parker on Human Design

In this episode, author, Karen Curry Parker offers practical resources for navigating the process of personal and spiritual evolution. Karen shares with us her insights into Human Design, a system that synthesizes ancient and modern sciences to help you harness your natural gifts and identify and live out your life’s purpose. For more on Karen’s work and to get your own free Human Design chart, visit

7: Flora Bowley on Brave Intuitive Painting

Flora Bowley is an internationally celebrated painter, author, and creative pioneer. In this episode, Flora discusses her work with brave, intuitive painting and how each of us can find freedom and profound personal and spiritual growth through the simple act of picking up a paintbrush. For more about Flora, and for simple ways to cultivate your intuitive gifts, visit

6: Alexis Brooks on Conscious Musings, Spiritual Sovereignty and Exploring Non-physical Realms

Alexis Brooks is a best-selling author of the book Conscious Musings. She is a journalist, a researcher and host of Higher Journeys Radio. In this episode, Alexis discusses non-physical realms, the importance of contemplation as a practice and the power of cultivating spiritual sovereignty. She shares her insights on the media and technology and ways to stay centered and evolve in an age of distractions. Check out her blog and listen to her fascinating interviews with a wide range of thought leaders including journalist Dan Rather and author Sonia Choquette at

5: Eliot Cowan on Plant Spirit Medicine

Eliot Cowan is the founder of the Blue Deer Center, a home for the study and practice of ancient wisdom teachings in upstate New York. He is also the author of the book Plant Spirit Medicine, which I highly recommend, and is a healer and an initiated elder in the Huichol indigenous tradition from Mexico. In this episode, Eliot explores the process of communing with the Spirits of plants and the importance of right relationship when doing so. For more information on Eliot and his work visit

4: Quynn Red Mountain on Trauma, Shamanism and Soul Healing

Quynn Red Mountain is the founder of The Institute for the Shamanic Arts and author of Accepting The Ashes – A Daughter’s Look At Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Quynn is an authentic and inspiring spiritual teacher who shares so much in this episode. She discusses wolf medicine, soul healing for war veterans, cultural appropriation in shamanism and using your intuition to create your own sacred ceremonies. To find out more about Quynn Red Mountain and her shamanic courses visit

3: Richard Whiteley on Shamanism in Business and Life

Best-selling author of The Corporate Shaman, Richard Whiteley teaches us how to apply ancient wisdom to solve modern life and business challenges. In this podcast, Richard shares what inspired him to integrate shamanism into business settings, his vision for the role of Spirit in business and how each of us can harness shamanic practices to improve our lives and the planet. For all those seeking inspiration for authentically living and working with heart and Spirit, Richard’s interview is a must-listen. To find out more about Richard Whiteley visit

2: Zachary Quinto on Acting, Spirituality, and Ayahuasca

Actor and producer Zachary Quinto is known for his  versatile roles on Broadway, popular TV shows such as  Heroes, and as “Spock” in the recent Star Trek films. On  this podcast, Zach explores spirituality, discusses his experiences with acting as a medium for healing and accessing the realms of the transcendent, and shares some of what he’s learned on his journeys to the Amazon jungle working with the plant medicine Ayahuasca.

1: Marci Shimoff - Happy for No Reason

In this episode, Marci Shimoff, author of the books Happy  for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and co-author of six Chicken Soup For The Soul books, shares her findings on  how happy people think and how all of us can use simple techniques to experience more happiness in our lives. This interview is loaded with insightful and interesting ideas from Marci on using the your perspective, the Law of Attraction, and other techniques to find your way to ‘happy for no reason’. For more information on Marci’s work, visit

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Welcome, Modern Mystic. I’m glad you’ve come to my site. Over the last 17 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of people as a coach and shamanic practitioner. From artists and entrepreneurs to those in the tech and entertainment industries, my clients have come from a wide range of backgrounds and have faced an abundance of challenges in their journeys to authentic and inspired living. I have been honored to be there with them, reminding them to turn within, to open, to listen to the voice of their intuition and higher knowing, to assist them in releasing what held them back. Coaching spiritual seekers in living from their vision, deepest values and heart is the most fulfilling honor. It lights me up and is what I’m here to do.

How does it work? The shamanic energy work/coaching sessions take place weekly via phone or skype. I also hold in-person individual or group retreats and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in remote sacred locales like the Amazon jungle or Nepal.

How do you know if you and I are the right fit to work with each other? Well, for starters…

Does this sound and feel like you? You’ve been drawn to spiritual books and meditation and while you might take a spiritual journey to India or Peru, you know you’re not meant to live in an ashram chanting ‘om’ all day. You’re here to engage in the world, to share your gifts, to connect. You’re unique and are tired of all the ways you’ve hidden or judged those parts of yourself. You want to be authentic, to live fully, to feel that your life and relationships express the truth of who you are and that you aren’t pretending.

You’re no longer willing to sacrifice yourself and your bigger purpose for the safe harbor of all that you’ve accomplished. You want to make a difference, not because you have to prove something but because you’re inspired to share and shine and contribute, in your way, to the evolution of the planet. You want live in alignment with your Spirit. You want to feel more peace and less stress, more intuitive and less caught in your head. You recognize the benefits of technology and seek to be conscious and masterful in your use of information, time and energy. More in your body, more in flow, more inspired, more at ease in your own skin. You want to feel that smile that emerges from the center of your being when you are doing and being what you were created for. You’re ready for that feeling of being in alignment.

You recognize that it’ll take some work, some deep introspection, some feeling into the places you’ve forgotten or have been avoiding, some different choices, some reinvigoration of your passion and purpose, and some time in quiet to listen to the wisdom of your soul.

You’re not exactly sure how to proceed. You’ve tried some courses or meditation but haven’t quite been able to make the shifts you’re wanting to make. You know there’s more. You know you could use some support, but you want it to be the right kind of support for you. You want to be seen. To be felt and heard. To be able to express the fullness of your emotions and real self in a safe space with someone experienced enough and compassionate enough to stay in there with you all the way through. You want this to be a transformational process, to expand your intuitive and spiritual abilities while staying grounded and engaged with your life and the people in it.

If this description resonates for you, reach out and and let’s set up a time to discuss the possibilities. Start by filling in the form below and making sure to include the following:

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