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Tracy James M.A., CPCC

Balance and Resilience Coach and Host of the Living Elemental Podcast

In certain wisdom traditions, challenging times are considered initiations and invitations for emergence and transformation. Under pressure, and given certain conditions, the seeds of unexpressed potential break open, take root and flourish. While our technology and modern stressors may differ from those of the wisdom keepers of the past, the invitation to resilience and emergence remains. As a coach, I offer safe and inspiring spaces to embrace that invitation and cultivate the conditions for transformation to take place in your life.

For a good portion of my life, I had a hard time recognizing challenges as invitations to growth and transformation. Instead, they were problems. Reminders that I wasn’t good enough and needed to work harder to avoid failure and the exposure of my inadequacy. 

It took the confluence of a divorce, anxiety, and migraine headaches for me to begin to wake up out of the myth that to succeed in this world, I had to abandon what is sacred, unique, intuitive and wild in me. 

Practicing self awareness and reflection allowed me to begin to embrace the challenges and face the pain I had liberally wrapped in shame and self-doubt. I started to look deeper and unpack the layers of disempowering thought patterns, racial trauma and over-identification with conditioning that distracted me from my true essence.

Driven by a deep calling to heal and live true to my Spirit, I followed my intuition toward Nature, psychology, meditation, travel and the exploration of spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, shamanism, Christianity and Hinduism.

From plant medicine journeys in the Peruvian Amazon to Typhoid Fever in Nepal, I grew and healed through adversity and moments of pure grace. Teachers and healers shared practices for self-inquiry, ancestral healing and embracing my shadow aspects. I came to experience a deeper sense of presence and an abiding respect for heart wisdom and body intelligence. 

These experiences over the last two decades inspired me to embrace the mysterious wilderness of the psyche and deeply intuitive language of the body. To trust myself and thrive unapologetically in my essence and authenticity. To understand that being with what arises in life as it is allows for greater opportunity to meet it with resourcefulness and creativity.

That I have been able to support others and share my tools along the way, initially, as a Mental Health Therapist, and over the last 19 years as a Balance and Resilience Coach, has been deeply rewarding.

Over time, I have been able to translate my own meditative, mindset, emotional and energetic balancing practices into what has now emerged as the Elemental Energetics methodology.

The story doesn’t stop there though. It has occurred to me that everything I’ve experienced over these years has just been training to sustainably navigate and be a resource in these uncertain times where pandemic, changing climate, technology overload, political polarization, economic shifts and increased exposure of social and racial disparities are front and center.

Just as ancient wisdom keepers proactively faced and harnessed their own adversities for growth, we can too. The challenges we face today are an invitation to individually and collectively allow the pressure to break open those seeds of unexpressed potential within us. An opportunity to listen deeply for what is wanting to emerge and be expressed. 

This time offers the impetus to cultivate centeredness in the midst of chaos and to be present with emotions when tempted to numb. A chance to clarify a deeper sense of purpose and calling and lead with resilience, compassion, creativity and innovation. 

If you would like a partner in exploring and moving through your unique process of transformation, click here to reach out and let’s connect about it. 


Tracy James, MA, CPCC is a Balance and Resilience Coach and Host of the Rooted and Rising podcast. Working at the intersection of eco-psychology, flow/peak performance, shamanism and somatic embodiment, Tracy blends mystical, practical and research-based approaches to those seeking centeredness, creative flow and the fulfillment of their potential. She has nearly two decades of experience facilitating transformational individual and group coaching and leading international tours and retreats.

Tracy holds a B.A. in International Relations and an M.A. in Counseling with certifications in Life and Leadership Coaching and Breathwork. From her training with indigenous shamans in the Amazon jungle and with mystics from Nepal and India to her studies in psychology and the technologies of human transformation, Tracy integrates ancient and modern approaches into the Nature-based coaching methodology she terms Elemental Energetics.

After years traveling the globe as a spiritual and digital nomad, Tracy has put down roots in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband Robin.

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The course begins with an assessment of your current levels of resilience to stress. 

Welcome, Modern Mystic. I’m glad you’ve come to my site. Over the last 17 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of people as a coach and shamanic practitioner. From artists and entrepreneurs to those in the tech and entertainment industries, my clients have come from a wide range of backgrounds and have faced an abundance of challenges in their journeys to authentic and inspired living. I have been honored to be there with them, reminding them to turn within, to open, to listen to the voice of their intuition and higher knowing, to assist them in releasing what held them back. Coaching spiritual seekers in living from their vision, deepest values and heart is the most fulfilling honor. It lights me up and is what I’m here to do.

How does it work? The shamanic energy work/coaching sessions take place weekly via phone or skype. I also hold in-person individual or group retreats and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in remote sacred locales like the Amazon jungle or Nepal.

How do you know if you and I are the right fit to work with each other? Well, for starters…

Does this sound and feel like you? You’ve been drawn to spiritual books and meditation and while you might take a spiritual journey to India or Peru, you know you’re not meant to live in an ashram chanting ‘om’ all day. You’re here to engage in the world, to share your gifts, to connect. You’re unique and are tired of all the ways you’ve hidden or judged those parts of yourself. You want to be authentic, to live fully, to feel that your life and relationships express the truth of who you are and that you aren’t pretending.

You’re no longer willing to sacrifice yourself and your bigger purpose for the safe harbor of all that you’ve accomplished. You want to make a difference, not because you have to prove something but because you’re inspired to share and shine and contribute, in your way, to the evolution of the planet. You want live in alignment with your Spirit. You want to feel more peace and less stress, more intuitive and less caught in your head. You recognize the benefits of technology and seek to be conscious and masterful in your use of information, time and energy. More in your body, more in flow, more inspired, more at ease in your own skin. You want to feel that smile that emerges from the center of your being when you are doing and being what you were created for. You’re ready for that feeling of being in alignment.

You recognize that it’ll take some work, some deep introspection, some feeling into the places you’ve forgotten or have been avoiding, some different choices, some reinvigoration of your passion and purpose, and some time in quiet to listen to the wisdom of your soul.

You’re not exactly sure how to proceed. You’ve tried some courses or meditation but haven’t quite been able to make the shifts you’re wanting to make. You know there’s more. You know you could use some support, but you want it to be the right kind of support for you. You want to be seen. To be felt and heard. To be able to express the fullness of your emotions and real self in a safe space with someone experienced enough and compassionate enough to stay in there with you all the way through. You want this to be a transformational process, to expand your intuitive and spiritual abilities while staying grounded and engaged with your life and the people in it.

If this description resonates for you, reach out and and let’s set up a time to discuss the possibilities. Start by filling in the form below and making sure to include the following:

1. First and Last Name:

2. Contact phone or SkypeID if outside US:

3. In five years, what do you want your life to look like?

4. What inner blocks and external circumstances do you feel need to be addressed to live that life?

5. Why are you drawn to working with me?

6. What would you like me to know about you?

7. What questions do you have for me?

I look forward to hearing from you!